Basic information: Mitsu has yellow eyes and white hair, she likes to wear blue a lot. Mitsu is also the resident bitch of Sunagakure and has a lot of enemies she is also known as the slut because she flirts with a lot of guys but truly she is loyal to only one man and that is Itachi Uchiha her lover and partner in the ninja world.

History: Mitsu is the daughter of Ydral Karaga and Sechari Karaga and has sister named Andrassa who is four years older than her, when she was six her sister and her ran away and we're caught and sent off to a orphanage from there her sister and her we're separated. Mitsu lived on a farm for years and when she was thirteen her adoptive mother died and that is when her adoptive father started sexually abusing her after a while he sold her to a slave trader but she escaped from the clutches of the slave trader and ended up in Otogakure also known as the hidden sound village. Mitsu soon became the apprentice and heir to Kabuto Yakushi and is sent back to Sunagakure as a spy and soon becomes a jounin and Gaara's tactical adivisor.

Appearence: Mitsu has a plain face and slim body but her appearence very well disguises her cruel personality.

Naruto style Mitsu