Hello all! Shadowpuppy270343 here! :)

I'd like to start out by introducing myself to those of you who may not have noticed me yet. I am the new admin. Ever since Grimiy disappeared, I have adopted the wiki and was given admin rights. With this in mind, I've begun to notice that the wiki, having been negelcted for about a year or two, was in need of some major cleaning! 

After a long time of putting thought to it, my final solution was that the wiki itself would have to just start over. Many oc's within the wiki, I've noticed, are either incredibly incomplete or Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu, and we can't have that! 

I am issuing individual letters to each and everyone's talk pages. To the oc's that are left on this wiki, you will have the option to save yours before August 17th. I am taking those that people have chosen to keep on the future cleaned wiki, and saving them. All other oc's I will personally pick through and determine myself if they should stay or not. 

Please note: If your oc will stay, you will have to adapt it's pages to the site's new set of rules. These are to ensure that nothing this messy ever happens again. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience as we work though this issue. I'll be seeing you soon!