Hello all! To avoid any accidents and messes, rules must be followed in the wiki. If you find any of the rules to be unfair or uneccesary, please contact me at my my talk page.

The Basics Edit

  • 1. All oc bios and pages must be completed or near that by submission.
No more half-empty pages! :) To understand what a full page would actually look like, look *here*.
  • 2. All oc bios and pages must follow the exact format.
Info on how to format your page is *here*, although any newly created page should already be in the correct format.
  • 3. No Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu's!!!
This one should be a given. Any wiki with a Mary-Sue or a Gary-Stu is considered trashy, and we're trying to avoid that here on the Naruto OC World Wiki! :) There may never be a perfect oc, that being going without Sue/Stu-ish qualities. To learn more about a Mary-Sue or a Gary-Stu, there will be a page uploaded about the topic soon.
  • 4. No Next-Generation oc's.
A lot of people get carried away with the idea of a next-generation oc. Because we do not know what will happen in the future of Naruto for sure, there isn't much of a canon to go off of, and thus most Next-Gen oc's can steer off and unintentionally become Mary-Sueish or Gary-Stuish. Not to mention the fact that most are just used to advertise popular pairings in the fandom.
  • 5. All names must be of Asian origin.
You would never find any Naruto character named Lola, or Susan. Or even Matthew. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are not animes that take place in America or anything of the like. Keep that in mind when you are creating your oc.
  • 6. No Fanfiction oc's.
Any oc that was only written to exist in fanfictions, and not the anime/manga, are not aloud on the wiki. Each oc needs to take part in the Naruto or Naruto Shippuden plot in some way.

To Note Edit

  • 6. Recolors are aloud.
With an exception. If the artwork was done by someone on DeviantART, Photobucket, or etc, you must have their permission first. And when recoloring/editing a picture from Naruto, always be sure to leave credit.
  • 7. Be weary of harsh criticism
Harsh criticism is revoked when swearing and deliberate mocking occurs. But be mindful that once your oc is placed onto this wiki, it is subject to being critiqued by anyone. You may give your disagreements, and you do not have to change anything, but the option to critique is always there and it is recommended.

If you feel I should add/remove any rules, please visit me at my talk page! --Shadowpuppy270343